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Discount Travel also goes by the names budget travel and cheap travel.  Almost all the major on-line travel agencies offer discounts for air, cruises, hotel, car rentals and vacation packages and let you search and compare prices. Discount applies to any kind of reduced prices for airlines, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. Some offer Internet discounts that you only see if you are on their website or subscribe to their email special deals. Many travel websites are now charging if you book via phone instead of making your booking online. Check them out!

Any budget traveler these days should become familiar with searching the web for information to help you save money, especially when traveling overseas or to a place you have never been.  Good web research will help you understand your options getting to your destination and while there. With travel blogs and forums and people in every country able to get on the web and post things or let you communicate with them via forums and email, you can do a much better job of planning a trip that will save you money.  Also, so many more hotels and hostels and other services are now available to book and pre-pay using a credit card than ever before.  This takes some of the anxiety of arriving in a small town in a remote part of the world.

Understanding Discount Prices

Understanding Discount Prices.  You should understand about fares and how they can be legitimately cheaper. Many travel agency sites and, of course, online and print travel guides will explain how you can get cheaper rates for just about any aspect of travel.  

Consolidators. Consolidators buy seats on specific flights directly from scheduled airlines, cabins on specific voyages from cruise lines, or  hotel rooms from hotel companies, and tour seats from tour companies at wholesale prices. The consolidator then resell them to the public or to a travel agency who in turn sells them to you. Buying a consolidator air ticket with a credit card from a reputable travel agent is usually a very safe bet.

Aggregators. Aggregators are able to create data bases of the fares for flights from airlines and then display those fares so you can comparison shop.  Travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity are aggregators.

Last Minute Deals. Travel companies, such as airlines, cruise lines and tour companies that find they have seats available just before departure will offer them as last-minute deals.  

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