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There are many things to see and do in Venice, Italy. This includes going to see churches, buildings and monuments, and museums. You will also want to check out their restaurants, shopping areas, and hotels. There are also events and La Dolce Vita that you might want to experience. There is plenty of entertainment in Venice, they include, casinos, cinemas and theatres, operas, clubs, horse racing, live music, and sport matches.

One of the churches is the Basilica of San Marco. This lovely church was built in 829 to hold the remains of Saint Mark, the city's patron saint and was devoted in 1024. It has been reconstructed and decorated numerous times over the centuries and the Basilica is definitely the most sensational church in the city. Its main facade is very unique. The church has five arched doorways, and a long terrace. The work of this church is in Byzantine style. The interior of the church is just as extravagant as the outside. It has a marble floor that has a striking geometric pattern and there are brilliant mosaics on the walls that tell stories from the New Testament.

A bridge that you might want to see is The Rialto Bridge. The Rialto Bridge was the first only continuing association between the two banks of the Grand Canal. It has been said that in 1172, a bridge that was made from barges was designed, which later was then replaced with a bridge with wooden columns a few years later. This bridge was ruined in 1310. In 1444, another new wooden bridge was built and it was much bigger than the previous one and it even had shops on it. The final stone version of the Rialto Bridge, as we know today, was built in the period 1588-1591 by Antonio da Ponte. Building this bridge was very difficult due to the instability of the site and its height.

The Academy is a museum you may want to visitas well while you are in Venice. The Academy of Fine Arts first opened on September 24th 1750, first by Piazzetta and then by Tiepolo. In 1807, a true art gallery was opened up and inside it, served two purposes. It offered meaningful models for the Academy's students and also housed the artistic heritage left by the public buildings that were taken down after the Venice Marine Republic fell from power. By the end of the Second World War, the architect Carlo Scarpa redesigned the Academy. There is a full range of existent Venetian paintings inside. The original collection was added along with religious artifacts, private heirlooms, restored paintings and paintings that were bought somewhere else. When you come out of the main entrance of the Academy you will see the Dell'Accademia Bridge, which is one of the three bridges, together with the Rialto and the degli Scalzi bridges, they cross over the Grand Canal.

Some more things you might want to visit would include the Piazza San Marco; it's the only Piazza in Venice. The Bridge of Sighs is one of the most popular tourist sighs in Venice. This bridge connects Palazzo Ducale; this is where prisoners were tried. This bridge was made from stone. The bridge was inspired by sighs from the prisoners. Mercerie is the thing that cut the city center into two parts. The Jewish Ghetto was set in 1516. This is where the Venetian Jews had to live; they couldn't leave this area from dusk till dawn. Zattere is one of the most romantic and prettiest places in Venice. You can see the whole San Marco bay and San Giorgio island as far as the Lido from here. The Rialto Market is a famous market that has to parts to it. It has the Erbaria which is the fruits and vegetable side, and the Pescaria which is the fish market.

If your hungry then you might want to try some Venetian cuisine, especially some in the city, it is full of traditional dishes that are mainly made using all sorts of fish and vegetables, with only one downfall, the seasons. However, it might be hard to find dishes on the menus of the restaurants in Venice that have ingredients that are out of season.

Venice has lots of events that attract visitors. One of these is The Venice Carnival, it's a wild, and enjoyable festival. Another event is The Venice Biennale; the first one took place in 1895. There are a few more events including Festa del Redentore, The Venice Film Festival, Regata Storica, and the Festa della Madonna della Salute. Festa del Redentore first plague was in 1576. This attraction has a firework display. The Venice Film Festival was set up in 1932. This attraction attracts both famous and non famous people, some are autograph hunters. The Regata Storica is one of Venice's most charming traditional festivals. This is a parade of historical boats from the sixteenth century, and the crew is dressed in period costumes. The Festa della Madonna della Salute happens on November 21st of each year in Venice. For this festival there are tables pointed opposite of the Basilica with all kinds of sweets on them. There are also kiosks that sell candles to light and pray for good health for your relatives and friends.

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