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Transportation: Exact change required on buses. Taxis have meters. Certain zones are restricted between 7:30-11:15 and it's a hassle to get a taxi during those times. A 1 day or 3 day bus ticket is available.

Miscellaneous: No jaywalking. No littering. No chewing gun on the street. No smoking on the street. Strict drug laws. There are severe penalties and fines. Singapore is very clean, and is, perhaps the cleanest city in the world. But, in this writer's opinion, it's a bit boring, and doesn't warrant more than a layover on the way to someplace else.

China Town: Boat Quay is the Gateway to Chinatown. In this area you'll see traditional merchants, craftsmen, and temples.

Temple of Calm Sea: It was built from 1852-55. Its roof is covered with a mass of miniature pagodas and figures, which bestow blessings on all who worship.

Ann Siang Hill: A good place to buy theatre masks and lion heads.

Siong Lim Temple: A National monument... one of the largest temples in Singapore.

Temple of 1000 Lights and Leong San See: It is dominated by a 15-meter high statue of Buddha surrounded by countless lights.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens: Located on its own island... reminiscent of the Beijing Summer Palace. Imposing archways, curved bridges, pagodas, fountains, paddling and rowing boats.

Little India: Located on Serangoon Road.

Sri Veeramakaliman Temple: Built in 1881. This temple houses a 3.3 metre Buddha carved from a 10-ton block of marble.

Chettiar Hindu Temple: Completed in 1984, this temple is a treasure trove of Indian Craftsmanship with a spectacular gateway. The ceiling of the temple is decorated with lotus flowers and chandeliers. At prayer times you can hear the Indian drums and trumpet

Singapore Zoological Gardens: Located in a cool, lush setting. It's an "open zoo" with natural barriers like water and sheer rock walls.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: There's a 20-meter high monumental gateway.

Armenian Church: Built in 1835, this is Singapore's oldest church. Check its fascinating churchyard with many weathered tombstones.

Merlion Park: Standing guard at the mouth of the Singapore River, this large half-lion, half-fish (Merlion) is the symbol of Singapore.

Tiger Balm Gardens: Dedicated to Chinese mythology. Stone figures depict Chinese fables and the afterlife. Is it bad taste??? 8AM-6PM.

Botanic Gardens: Covers 32 acres of landscaped parklands... jungle, sweeping manicured lawns, and broad lakes dotted with islands. 5AM-11PM.

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