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Home stay opportunity emerging as the smart, cost-effective way to have a holiday with a local flavor!!

Though the concept of a home stay opportunity is popular globally, it is now slowly catching on in India as earlier, most cautious-by-nature natives were entrenched with feelings of insecurity, lack of communication with foreign guests due to language barriers (read not knowing English), the demands on privacy a home stays opportunity would cost in term of opening the doors of one's home to outsiders, especially in a joint-family set-up, like many Indian households were prone to have. All this has changed with the times and India too is fast emerging as a tourism-sector partner in budget accommodation provider in the form of home stays opportunities that Indian families have decided are an effective way to utilize free space of old bungalow plots and extra rooms in even high demand metro or seasonal tourism zones, so much so that older fears of lack of awareness about planning, offering and managing house-guests, planning board and lodging options, have given way to opening the doors to 'temporary members.'

How Indian home-stay opportunities grew as a concept on home shores

With the rise in number of educated Indians, joint-families giving way to nuclear family set-ups and more Indians going abroad to study or work, there has been a lot of scope for inter-cultural gatherings and eye-opening experiences afforded to most traditionally run Indian homes, with plentiful space available for practical use. When this could be translated into financial gain and cultural views exchange by offering affordable lodging options in the form of home stays opportunities, many Indian homes have realized the advantage they have in that extra bedroom or annexe, guesthouse or farmhouse they own: extending cozy and welcoming accommodation thus allows Indian home-owners to earn an extra income without having to invest more than housekeeping supplies and a cheery disposition.

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