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The remarkable thing about this great city is that it never sleeps. It's full of life and fun. The city offers impeccable lifestyle with flavors of the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, skyscrapers, amazing wildlife and heavenly hotspots.

New York City is one of the largest cities of the New York State. It rocks 24 hours a day. There are hundreds of moments in a day that can catch you off-guard and sweep you off the feet. Here the canvas is much larger than life. The Broadway shows, the art exhibition, the orchestra concerts and ballets make man cherish "larger than life image". In fact New York City is a visual treat for those tourists who believe in enjoying the cosmopolitan culture in all its shades. Tourist attractions in this majestic place are many. You could spend weeks in New York and still barely scratch the surface, but there are some key attractions and some pleasures that no tourist would like to miss. One of the major attractions in New York is the Empire State Building. This historic land mark soars more like a quarter of a mile into the atmosphere above the heart of Manhattan. It has both a glass-enclosed area which is heated in winter and cooled in summer. Then you have the American Museum of Natural history that is considered as one of the world's pre-eminent science and research institution renowned for its collections and exhibitions relating to evolution of earth and planets. If you are lover of wax sculpture, then make it a point to visit the Madam Tussad's museum. The museum has over 175 wax figures of celebrities of various countries. Then you have many other hotspots that you can explore are Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Waterfront Museum, Museum of Modern Art, National Academy of Design, China Town, Queen Botanical Garden, Skyline Cruises, New York Stock Exchange and many more.

New York City is also famous for its amazing wonderful animal environments and the highlight of this breathtaking environment is that it looks quite natural. If you are a nature lover, come and enjoy the extremes of a steamy rain forest to an icy Antarctic penguin habitat as the city's zoos lead you through tropic, temperature and Polar Regions. You should visit the Bronze Zoo, Queens Wildlife Center, Central Park and New York City Aquarium. Get in touch with the wild-side of the New York City. For shoppers, the choices of shops are vast, almost exhaustive in this heartland of the great capitalist dreams. If you love to party and dine out, then head straight to New York Clubs which are varied and exciting and it has the potential to captivate you at first sight. Further, the more established arts - dance, theatre, music are superbly organized and catered.

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