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Backpacking is a fun leisure activity, but it is also a very demanding sport. If you look at backpacking as just a hobby, you may end up regretting it. If your body is not in good shape you will definitely feel it after your trip. That is why getting your body in shape is an important part of planning fro your backpacking trip.

Backpacking can be a very strenuous workout. It is important for a person to be in relatively good shape before heading off on a backpacking adventure. Being out of shape can ruin the fun of backpacking and even make it dangerous. A backpacker needs to follow a simple routine to ensure they are in the best shape so they can enjoy their backpacking adventures to the fullest.

Your whole goal no matter if you start out in shape or not, is to be able to complete your backpacking trip with ease. You should be able to walk your whole planned trip without problems. So, keep at it because you can always design harder goals. Just keep moving so you don't end up out of shape.

If you are not in shape, but otherwise healthy you need to start a good exercise program. You have to stick to it and do it on a regular basis. Your routine needs to include plenty of aerobic activity. You might want to start out slow with walking or swimming and then move to something harder like biking. You also need to do plenty of stretching. Stretching helps limber your muscles and joints which can make them less prone to injury once you start your backpacking. Once you are in good shape you can begin to train for your backpacking trip. You should carry a pack that weighs as much as the one you will use. Start slow and only walk a portion of the distance of what you will eventually walk and then build up gradually until you can easily walk the whole distance.

If you are already in shape then you simply need to stay in shape, especially for any length of time in which you are not backpacking regularly. You should still have a regular exercise routine. If you are already in shape try testing your endurance and building it up. Make a goal to work for a longer trip distance or try carry a heavier load for added resistance.

Before you start any exercise program, including backpacking, you should get a check up with your doctor. You need to make sure your cardiovascular and respiratory systems are in good shape. It's better for the doctor to discover any issue than end up finding out on the trail where there is no help close by.

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