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Every student needs time to relax after spending long hours in class writing papers and studying. Taking a much needed vacation does not have to be expensive. There are many ways to save money and get discounts on travel expenses, hotels and entertainment. With some information and a little research, take a vacation using student discounts.

Step One  Get an International Student Identity Card at the ISIC website. The site also gives information about worldwide discounts available to students. Some of these discounts include retail stores, entertainment, hotels, transportation, restaurants and museums.

Step Two  Visit STA travel. They are travel experts who help find discounts on airfare, accommodations and rental cars. STA travel has a website as well as offices located around the world.

Step Three Research your destination. Many destinations offer special discounts and activities for students. Visit the destination's website or call the city's Chamber of Commerce to find student discounts.

Step Four  Book your vacation at the appropriate time. Most airlines give discounts the earlier you book your flight. Hotels however are the opposite. Find half-price or special discounts on rooms closer to the actual travel date.

Step Five  Ask about student discounts while you are on vacation at the hotel and in other tourist spots. Many locations and services offer discounts for students.

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