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Are Your Immunizations Up-to-Date?
- Be sure to consult travel medicine experts before engaging in international travel! Immunizations and prescriptions for preventative medications can help to ensure a healthy trip.

Avoid Voice Mail Problems
- Don't assume you will be able to tap into your voice mail from foreign pushbutton phones. Telephones have 'accents' and what works in the U.S. may not work from England. Have a back-up plan in place or take a portable tone-imitator.
1-Jan-2000 B.W. Steele ID1152

Be Organized
- While in any country that you can't read the language ... and you are using your charge card to get the best currency rate ... write on the charge slip right away the amount, items, date, and place of purchase so YOU can read it when the statement comes at the end of the month. Makes for a lot easier bookkeeping. Many times the ink is so faint, you can't read what it says in any language.
1-Jan-2000 Randy Danielson ID1159

Be Safe - Drink Bottled Water
- Unless you are traveling to Canada from the US, it is usually not safe to drink the water. The water is safe to the locals who are used to it. This doesn't matter if you're a resident of Ukraine of the UK - to residents the water is safe, but not to travelers. All water contains different sets of microbes and mineral deposits, even in the US. If you aren't used to a country's drinking water, then you may get sick just because it is different. Be safe, buy bottled water cheap at the supermarket.
1-Jan-2000 Chris Englund ID1156

Cheaper Rail Passes
- When traveling in Europe, it is cheaper to buy individual rail passes if you are only going to one or two countries, instead of buying a Eurail pass that covers eighteen. The individual one, such as the Swiss Pass or the France Rail/Drive, can give you much more for a better price.

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