Get your own Travel Accessories

Hostel Sheets to the Rescue
- It is a good idea to take a hostel sheet with you. They can be purchased online with tote-type covers. Why? Many hostels do not provide linens. If your destination hostel does not have laundry facilities, you may also want to pack more than one sheet.

Private Facilities May be Limited
- Most hostels have no (or few) rooms with private baths/showers and toilets. Be sure to check amenities ahead of time so that you know what to expect when you arrive at your chosen hostel.

Special Packing for Hostel Travel
- Packing for hostel destinations requires careful planning. You need to be aware of what is and isn't provided by your intended hostel accommodation. Some things that will probably be useful at most hostels:

For foreign travels: a compact phrase booklet or an illustrated phrase booklet with pictures like The Wordless Travel Book
Hikers water bottle
Linens for washing up ?washcloth (absolutely necessary) and handtowel(s)
Pillow cases useful for more than covering pillows
Camping meal utensils like folding cups, 3-way tools, etc.
Portable alarm clock
Laundry supplies: powdered soap, dryer sheets (also keep your packed items smelling fresh)
Lip balm
Birth control pills, condoms, prescribed medications

When Noise like Snoring is a Problem
- Noise-cancelling headphones block out low frequency sounds like SNORING, engines, and fans - a good thing to use at night in dorms or shared rooms. A little MP3 player that fits in your shirt pocket will save you some sleep at night. Of course, earplugs are much cheaper and work just as well!

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