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The first place of this list is given to the famous South Beach in Miami (the USA) attracting tourists from the whole planet. This beach situated next to the Art Deco region is having fun nonstop. Here you can feel the real "American freedom" which is already hard to be found in the USA.

The most popular nude beach Las Salinas is situated at Ibiza, Spain. The ancient saltworks situated next to the beach still gain salt for cosmetology purposes. Skin becomes smooth and silky after taking procedures with this salt. That's why tourists visiting Ibiza have a unique chance to combine pleasant things with the useful ones.

The wealthy nudists’ favorite vacation place is La Voile Rouge beach, Saint Tropes(France). Famous Hollywood stars prefer to have a vacation here. But those who dream to unite with the nature are better to visit Clifton Beach in Baneberry (Australia), which is the lovely place of "classical" nudists. Here they do not only rest upon the sand, but sometimes arrange rises to nearest mountains and ride the bicycle being absolutely naked.

The silence and rest lovers have to visit a half-civilized beach Anse de Gouverneur situated at the Saint-Bartelmy Island and intended as for the nudists as well for the tourists preferring to have rest in swimwear.

For some people the term "nudist beach " causes anxiety and a mixed sensation of shame and danger. However thousands of naturists (this term seems more exact to the adherents of naked rest) in the world consider, that it is the most natural way to tan and swim. And there is a lot of such beautiful places on the planet, where such way of unification with the nature is considered legal.

For the first time beaches with people tanning naked became popular on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts in 50s. Since that time have appeared much more nudist beaches, and their geography became more various. However, now nudist beaches are not so popular, as in a heat of sexual revolution.

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