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New York City is obviously one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, so the demand for reasonably priced accommodation often outstrips the supply, which makes it difficult to find a reasonable priced hotel. One of the secret tricks to getting budget accommodation in New York City is to actually find a hotel room in New Jersey, just across the Hudson River, where hotel prices are substantially less expensive than in New York City, and in particular Manhattan.

If you are looking for hotel accommodation in NYC proper, here is a listing of properties, some of which could be classified as boutique hotels, that as of March of 2005 have rooms starting at below or close to US$100 per night (be careful though, their rates for single and double rooms are often different):

Amsterdam Inn:
Broadway Inn:
Carlton Arms Hotel:
Hotel 17:
Habitat Hotel:
Harlem Flophouse:
Herald Square Hotel:
Hotel 31:
Larchmont Hotel:
Murray Hill Inn:
Off-Soho Suites Hotel:
Pickwick Arms:
Union Square Inn:

Staying in New York City shouldn't break the bank, hopefully these places will help you contain your travel budget.

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