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Are you a North American who's bored with weekend getaways to Florida, or a Briton who wants an alternative to yet another quickie holiday in Spain? Try Iceland on for size. Thanks to Icelandair, you can easily reach this Atlantic country from North America in five to seven hours and from Britain in only three hours. And once you're in Iceland, you can sample everything from geothermal spas to exotic lunar landscapes with mini-tour packages--or by renting a car and exploring the countryside on your own.

The Icelandic Tourist Board is quick to point out that "the chilliest thing about Iceland is its name--in January the average temperature in the capital, Reykjavik, is higher than in New York." In fact, year-round average temperatures vary by only 21?F (12?C), which means that many tourist excursions and sports activities can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The simplest way to enjoy Iceland is to buy an unescorted travel package from Icelandair Holidays. The basic package includes a roundtrip flight from North America or Europe, two or more nights in a hotel, breakfasts, and bus transfers between Keflav? Airport and your hotel in Reykjav?. You can add extra nights if you'd like to stay longer.

Rates for the basic "Adventure Package" (U.S.) or "Reykjav? Breakaway" (UK) start at USD 419 or GBP 264 per person (double room) in 2000. But you'll probably want to buy one of the expanded packages or purchase add-ons for convenience in planning and budgeting your flying trip to Iceland.

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