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Summary: Gibraltar is in southwestern Europe, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar, which links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southern tip of Spain. One of a pair of pillars that marked the end of the known world, the other being in Morocco to the south, Gibraltar is a narrow coastal lowland that borders the famous Rock of Gibraltar.

Capital: Gibraltar
Time Zone: DST +0200 UTC
Population: 27,833
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Power: 240 V, 50 Hz
Currency: Gibraltar Pound - Currently 1 GIP = 2.0230 USD $
Climate: Gibraltar shares its climate with Spain - Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers.

Gibraltar: Still a British colony, Gibraltar offers visitors traditional British beers, as well as interesting sites like a Moorish castle, mosque and public bath, and Britain's old military garrisons. Be sure to stop by the Gibraltar Museum and take a lazy walk around the town center.

Rock of Gibraltar: The moutain that stood guard over the straights to Morocco has a network of caves, one of which has been converted into a theater, and is also home to Europe's only wild monkeys in the Apes' Den.


Spend Your Euros: Although the Gibraltar Pound is the official currency, the euro is accepted and circulates informally.

Tax Free Shopping: Other than the name, tourists will visit for the better prices Gibraltar can offer on items from clothing to electronics.

Beaches: Despite being so small, Gibraltar has five beaches and offers a lot of watersports.

When To Visit: Summers can be very hot if you are not acclimatized from visits to nearby Spain, so spring and fall are good times to avoid some of the heat and crowds at the same time.

Food: Due to the British and Spanish influences, restaurants are as likely to serve fish and chips as paella.

Tipping: The service charge is not included in the bill, and so taxi drivers and waiters expect standard 10%-15% tips.


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