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Whether you are travelling for business or leisure you will often be required to purchase a gift for either friends or perhaps business colleagues. Choosing what gifts to buy can be tricky, below we give you some tips on some gifts that people in different countries within Asia may well appreciate.

Eventually we will devote a separate page to each of the different countries listed below but for now we will keep everything on this one page. We have two separate gift ideas per country one if you are travelling to that country and another giving possible examples of gifts if you are leaving that country.a

Hong Kong - To: If you are travelling to Hong Kong you may appreciate knowing that it is illegal for Hong Residents and Nationals to bring cigarettes and alcohol into the country. Therefore a gift of such goods can often be appreciated. Prices of alcohol and cigarettes in Hong Kong are expensive. Depending on where you are travelling from food can also be an appreciated gift, perhaps something local to where you live that may be difficult to get in Hong Kong. From - Some unusual gifts can be bought in Hong Kong such as different types of Chinese Tea, herbal teas or medicines, or some Chinese style antiques.

Singapore - To: Again another country where alcohol and cigarettes are expensive, even though the arrival Duty Free at Singapore's Changi airport has some cheap rates. It is illegal for anyone to take cigarettes into Singapore so you may want to forget that as you will be fined if caught. From - similar to Hong Kong gifts that could be appreciated when travelling from Singapore could include different Teas, some local foods such as Chicken Rice, Chinese style antiques etc.

Thailand - To: this is quite tough as most things in Thailand are very good value for money if not cheaper than in the country you are originating from. Again alcohol and food gifts can make nice gifts and are normally always appreciated. Cigarettes are not so expensive in Thailand so such a gift would not be worth as much. From - Most packable food stuffs from Thailand, such as noodles can be purchased very affordably and can make a great gift. Other ideas could be Thai pottery, silks, clothes, DVD's (check regional setting), furniture etc. Because things in Thailand are excellent value for money then many things can be regarded as a bargain.

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