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Priortiy Pass may well be ideal for some, especially those that travel frequently, but what if you only travel once or twice a year, and feel that the annual fee does not warrant you joining? After all it is not just frequent leisure or business travellers that would like to enjoy the comfort of a nice VIP airport lounge before taking a short or long haul flight - we all do.

Thankfully there is now an answer - Lounge Pass. Unlike Priority Pass, the Lounge Pass does not require you to pay an annual membership fee, you simply pay for lounge use as and when you use it. For example if you fly only once e year from London to Thailand and back, you would not need to become a member of Lounge Pass, you simply need to pay for the one time use of the lounge at London Heathrow or Bangkok International Airport*.

It really is that simple, you pay before you leave on your trip, choose where and when you want to use the lounge(s), how many people and then once you actually arrive at the airport you will  be able to enjoy the comforts of the airport's VIP lounge.

Prices start from as little as GBP 12, and at such a reasonable cost, is surely a wise investment for anyone travelling in economy class who wants that little extra touch of luxury, peace and quiet.

*Lounge Pass - is currently accepted over 100 VIP lounges worldwide, including 17 UK airports.

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