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Japan offers everything from leading international five stars brand hotels to cheaper more local options that should be able to accommodate any budget.

All the major hotels in Japan, are of a very high standard and service is quite simply excellent. The five stars hotels will all have very well trained, English (and other language) speaking staff and the amenities are comparable to five stars hotels in any other major city around the world.

One type of hotel you will only find in Japan and makes for a very unusual and rich cultural experience is the Ryokan. Ryokan's are generally small buildings with only 12 or so rooms, and they have quite a few rules and regulations, which follow the average Japanese culture. Ryokan's are perhaps better suited for people that have an understanding and respect for Japanese culture, or leisure travellers looking to learn, rather than business people who have a tight schedule to fill. To learn more about Ryokan's read our article about Ryokan in Japan.

Another novelty to Japan's hotel world is the capsule hotel. Capsule Hotels are very popular among Japanese business men who have missed the last train home, or have had perhaps too much of a good time entertaining clients and/or friends. These unusual hotels are in-expensive but not somewhere you would really want to spend any length of time. There are no rooms as such at a capsule hotel, guests sleep in enclosed, cramped, almost coffin like in shape, spaces.

Whatever your budget or accommodation needs Japan has something for everyone.

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