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Japan, located in North Asia, has four main seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Choosing when to travel can make all the difference when planning your trip as parts of Japan can get very cold, and other times very hot and humid. Knowing a little of what weather to expect will also help you know what to pack.  

Japan's Winter season is generally from December to February. The temperature rarely drops below 0°C in the plains along the Pacific coast during wintertime. It is also quite dry and very often sunny. Central Japan and Northern Japan are highly reputed regions for winter sports. Southern Japan is comparatively mild in winter. Hokkaido is famous during the winter season for its incredible Ice Festival.

Japan's Spring time is from March to May. The weather during this period still tends to remain cool, and we would advise packing some light jackets, light sweaters and other similar kinds of clothing.

Japan's Summer is from June to August. Generally the Japanese summer season begins in June with a three to four week rainy season. It then becomes very hot and humid from July onward.

Japan's Autumn season is from September to November. Autumn is a lovely time to visit Japan especially areas such as Kyoto and other more rural  areas, as forests are dyed in glorious autumn colors. As the season brings a more refreshing cool after the hot summer light jackets, light sweaters and similar is advised.

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