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Stop laughing! We know that the subject of toilets is a rather unusual one to say the least, but while Japan may be one of the safest countries in the world, beware of the toilets!

We kid you not, everyone knows that Japan is famous for its electronics and advanced technology, and this is definitely true when it comes to toilets. Some of the toilets in Japan are so high tech you would think that you are controlling an advanced fighter jet. In some of the better restaurants, bars or other public toilets, the toilets look more like a computer system than an actual toilet.

These scary toilets we are rambling on about, are electronic, and seem to be able to do anything you would want your toilet to be able to do, and many things you won't have ever even imagined! Therefore, if after a few drinks with an important client, something which is almost unavoidable in Japan, you are confronted with the need to use one of these electronic marvels, and you find all the toilet 'controls' labeled in Japanese, ask someone where the flush is.

It would not look good if you accidentally press the wrong button and the toilet reacts by spraying your neatly pressed suit with water. Remember if in doubt ask, toilets in Japan can be an embarrassing hazard and should be approached with caution!

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