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Jakarta has a great night life scene. Indonesians are renowned for their happy and friendly personas, and this helps Jakarta to offer one of the best nightlife areas in Asia. Enjoy these reviews but don't forget that we recommend a Blue Bird or Silver Bird Taxi whenever you travel around.

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Bats - The Shangri-la houses this great bar. This is the hottest spot in town. They are still using imported bands, and they get rocking at 9 to 9:30. They have a restaurant attached, that serves some great food. It gets packed out on the standard Friday and Saturday nights, but it tends to be busy almost every night. There is a small dance area where you can work off the calories, and stress of the day. A 1999 Premier Award winner.

O'Reillys - At the Grand Hyatt, another excellent bar, that unfortunately has switched to using local bands. They get started at around 9-9:30 and we do not recommend that you go before as it is quite quiet but also they have some live music on before that frankly gave us a headache, the tape or cd they use in the breaks would be a much better option.

Tanamur - Well this is the infamous place in Jakarta and some would say that no visit to Jakarta is complete with out at least one visit. It will cost 20,000 to get in which includes a drink and 20,000 per beer thereafter. It is not worth going to before midnight. Most but not all girls here may be very friendly but are also working.

JJ's - right next to Tanamur in fact it is owned by the same people. On week days it costs nothing to get in and has a good feel to it. The disco area is slightly elevated, and relatively small. They also have a nice outdoor spot, with tables and chairs. Again not worth going to before midnight.

Pitstop - At the Pan Pacific Hotel a nice bar and disco with Phillippina live entertainment. This disco/bar gets busy late so go around 9 to 10 if not a little later.

Hard Rock Cafe - Two floors of rocking good fun. One of the best Hard Rock Cafes in Asia. It is big and gets busy. Great place to meet, drink and dance the night away. Good music and friendly atmosphere. Even when other bars in town seem to be quiet this place always gets busy. We highly recommend this bar and restaurant.

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