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A truly beautiful country that is growing very quickly. Hanoi, in the North is a masterpiece of French architecture and Saigon in the South is a modern and fully up and coming city. Vietnam also offers some amazingly pristine beaches that have largely been untouched by tourism.

Vietnam has a population of around 80 million inhabitants, with 54 ethnic groups. The country is divided into 64 provinces with the capital being Hanoi. There is a lot of competition between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi with both cities having their own stock exchanges. For tourism, it is fair to say that Hanoi is the capital as there is so much to offer. Whether it be architecture, lakes, or side trips such as to the beautiful and must-do Halong bay.

In our Vietnam section, we review many of the best hotels, give you some ideas of where to go and what to do. Wherever you go you can be assure that the people will welcome you with open arms, and glowing smiles, and you may well quickly fall in love with many of the sights and diverse regions that Vietnam has to offer.

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