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Located in the Caribbean, Cuba is sometimes called the Key to the Gulf, as in the Gulf of Mexico, and is the largest island in the West Indies, not to mention, one of the largest in the world. Her geography makes Cuba a perfect destination for vacationers looking for an island getaway. Cuba has for instance, the world renowned valleys like Vinales, Yumuri and Los Ingenios, that stretch throughout Cuba, as well as three different mountain ranges, and two separate savanna regions. There are also beautiful rivers, such as Hanabanilla, with enchanting waterfalls, that continue to touch those travelers with a deep love for nature. Cuba also has over three hundred different natural beaches, with crystal clear blue water, and long stretches of soft white sand; one of the most famous of these is Varadero Beach.

There are many fun things to do in Cuba, and one of the most favoured is simply lying on the beach, and soaking up the sun. Other popular activities are going scuba diving, and discovering underwater wildlife, as well as enjoying other nautical activities, like fishing, waterskiing, or boating. Golf is also very popular in Cuba, and there are several beautiful, pristine golf courses throughout the island. Nature oriented individuals will love Cuba for it's wildlife preserves, national parks, and several different hiking trails, where tourists can get a firsthand experience of Cuba's natural flora and fauna. Tourists are also urged to watch the local calendars for cultural festivals, and local events that are open to the public; outdoor festivals are fun for both families and individuals, as well as couples out on a romantic excursion, or honeymoon.

The traditional foods found in Cuba are mainly a cultural mixture of Spanish, African, and Caribbean foods, as well as there being surprisingly, a small but definitely apparent influence of Chinese cuisine in the Havana area. This is naturally due to all the different cultures that have immigrated to Cuba, and the slavery on sugar cane farms that caused a lasting effect on the cuisine, with native African recipes. Some traditional favorite Cuban dishes are Ajiaco, a type of soup containing chicken, corn, and two kinds of potatoes, sour cream, avocados, and capers, and Picadillo, which is a mixture of ground beef, mixed with olives, black beans, and capers, but contains no chili powder, and is usually served with rice, or used as a filling for burritos or tacos. In fact, Cuban food is much more mild than most people think, in light of the Mexican influence cuisine, most expect Cuban food to be spicy, but it's not. For example, the popular tamales in Cuba also omit any chili powder in the recipe.

The best type of accommodation to be found in Cuba are hotels, and they can be found throughout Cuba, easily, from luxury spa resort hotels, and hotels for those who prefer to spend their vacation outside their room. You can easily find hotel reservations for three, four and five star hotels that are under a hundred dollars per night, located in the islets and keys of Cuba, on the beaches, and in the cities, whether you prefer to stay in a vintage historical hotel, or a newer hotel; both are modeled to accommodate guests with every convenience of home. As for getting around in Cuba, for those who prefer to get around quickly, and reliably, the rails that run throughout the island of Cuba are the best idea for getting from one area to the other. Otherwise, there are also buses that go through the cities and urban areas of Cuba, as well as taxis, but travelers are urged, if the take a taxi to keep a close eye on the meter. Other options are renting a car, but be prepared to not be able

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