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Hawaii is probably one of the top most popular destinations for vacationers all over the world. There is something most find hard to express, and utterly alluring about the islands that bring visitors back again and again. It truly is one of the most beautiful place on Earth, being home to beautiful beaches, friendly locals, weather that is neither too hot or humid, peaceful ocean breezes, not to mention other fascinating facts and sights, such as being the location of the world's most active volcano, the world's tallest sea mountain, as well as being one of the youngest geological formations in the world, and the youngest of the United States. There are six islands that make up Hawaii; Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and "The Big Island" which is actually named Hawaii, but called The Big Island so people don't get confused with the state, and the name.

One of the favourite activities to take part in is the submarine tours of the reefs that surround the island of Oahu, and the tours can be found in Honolulu, along with several other aquatic activities, such as diving, swimming in the beautiful waters of Hawaii's hundreds of beaches, as well as taking private or public charter boats out into the ocean for fishing trips with family and friends. Other popular activities are summer festivals on the beaches with the Hawaiian locals, whom are always very welcoming to visitors of the island. Luxury resorts and waterfront spa treatments are also popular indoor activities in Hawaii, as well as more family oriented activities such as "Sky Adventures", which are helicopter tours of the volcano and breath taking mountains. Another popular attraction to Hawaii is the nightlife; dance clubs, and live beach-front entertainment, including Hawaii's famous scantily clad Hula dancers.

One of the most multicultural of all Hawaii's many attractive properties, is the cuisine visitors will find there; some of the most prominent influences in Hawaiian food is Polynesian, Asian, and American. The most popular vegetables and fruits used in Hawaiian foods are coconuts, yams, macadamia nuts, guava, tamarind, melons, seaweed, kukui, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, pineapples, and bananas. The popular spices used in Hawaiian cooking are Five Spice, Char siu, soy sauce, jicama, fish sauces, Bagoong, Patis, and Wasabi. One of the most interesting choices of meat in Hawaii, while pork is very popular, is actually Spam. Believe it or not, Spam is used in almost everything in Hawaii; it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hawaii is the planet's second largest consumer of Spam, ?the first is actually Guam. Tuna is another staple food of Hawaii, and used in many traditional dishes. Some of the delicious dishes you'll definitely have to taste in Hawaii is Loco Moco; two fried, seasoned hamburger patties, topped with cooked eggs, and gravy, as well as, Kalua Pig, a favourite of natives and visitors, which is pulled pork, with marinated and steamed cabbage.

In Hawaii, when looking for hotels, your options are various to say the least. Choosing a hotel further inland can be cheaper, though further from the beaches. The hotels on the beach are picturesque but much more expensive; there are resort hotels, spa hotels, luxury five star getaways, and economically sound hotels as well, for those who prefer to spend their time outside their hotel rooms. Getting around in Hawaii is usually done by car, or scooter in city areas, or by bicycle. When traveling by car, visitors have more independence to travel the island freely. Travel back and forth to the islands is done either by ferry, or air.

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